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Experience natural physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing in person or online

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing system that works on all levels. Working with energy and Reiki has so many benefits, from feeling deeply relaxed and sleeping better, to experiencing physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing. It is a gentle, non-invasive, complementary holistic therapy.

Services - In Person and Online
As a Level 2 Qualified Reiki Practitioner, attuned in Usui Reiki, I offer Reiki Healing Treatments in person at my Relaxing Private Holistic Healing Space in Preston, Lancashire, as well as Distance Reiki Healing Sessions Online. The beauty of Reiki and energy is that it is universal and can be felt wherever you are in the world.


30 minutes - £35
45 minutes - £45

My experience of Reiki Healing and why I trained in this modality

Since I began my own personal development journey in 2015, I’ve experienced a lot of healing modalities, treatments and practices and I’ve found working with energy to be powerful, interesting, healing, and just different. Energy isn’t tangible or concrete. It’s not something you can see or touch, but you can absolutely FEEL it, release it and shift it.

I personally felt the benefits of Reiki in regard to releasing grief and trauma from losing my Grandad. Reiki healing has also supported me in healing physical health issues. Plus, I enjoy Reiki as a method of relaxation, to rebalance my chakras and energy, and release stagnant energy or blockages so I can return to my most intentional self.


How does a Reiki Session work?

In person, you will lay on the cosy treatment bed fully clothed, close your eyes and simply be open to receiving healing, whilst I perform the Reiki Healing Treatment. I will touch your head and feet, and hover my hands over the rest of your body and chakras to direct Reiki energy wherever it needs to go.

For Distance Reiki, it works the same, except I connect with your energy via a photograph of you. You will receive full instructions so you can set yourself up for relaxation in bed or a cosy space in your home.

The Benefits of Reiki

  • Feel deeply relaxed and soothed

  • Sleep better

  • Decrease feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Experience physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing

  • Release stagnant energy and emotion

  • Unblock and balance your chakras (energy centres in body)

  • Increase overall happiness and well-being

  • Feel clearer and lighter

  • Holistic healing


Reiki isn't suitable for you if you have any broken bones that aren't set in their correct place for recovery or if you are pregnant. 

If you have any questions, email

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In person Reiki Session at Laura's Private Holistic Healing Space.

REIKI testimonials

I booked a 1:1 Sound Bath with Laura because I was feeling really rushed and ‘all over the place’ in my life at the time, and I wanted to see how a personal Sound Bath would differ from a group one (which I’ve already tried and LOVED!). Laura held the Sound Bath for me at her Private Studio. The Sound Bath area was set up beautifully - I could tell she’d gone to such an effort. She was so welcoming when I arrived - there was even a bottle of water waiting for me next to the yoga mat and blanket. The Sound Bath was absolutely blissful! The sound bowls are so soothing for me. Laura did a guided meditation at the same time. She’d asked me beforehand what I wanted to focus on, and she then covered those areas in the meditation. She didn’t even read from a script! She spoke from the the heart the whole time. Everything she said resonated and I could tell she’d really thought about what I needed from that hour. It was such a personalised experience and I walked away feeling so much lighter! Laura is truly gifted at what she does here. I’ll be coming back for more and more!


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