Make your mind a clear, comfortable and cosy place to be

The Mind Snug is a Meditation Membership that helps you to make your mind a clear, comfortable and cosy place to be.

It's called The Mind Snug for 3 reasons:

  1. I believe that your mind is your most powerful tool. It can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. Your mind can take you to whatever place you want it to; to the most beautiful, empowering, cosy places, and also to the darkest, depressing, and uncomfortable places.

  2. "Snug" is one of my favourite words and favourite feelings. Snug to me means cosy, warm, comfortable and safe. And in cosiness, there is clarity.

  3. Putting together Mind and Snug, I like to think of Meditation as a nice cosy blanket for your mind and The Mind Snug is a space that aims to help you to make your mind a clear, comfortable and cosy place to be.

Why focus on the Mind?

Most of us spend a lot of time all up in our heads, trying to avoid being in our heads, or trying to switch off our minds or thoughts and what is going on in our heads. Many people try to escape their minds and thoughts through mindless living, consumption, or bad habits, whether it be endless shopping, drinking, watching mind-numbing TV, or whatever else your vice is. In addition to this, most people are operating at maximum capacity. Our minds are too full (mind-full not mindful). We have too much information and mental clutter consuming our precious mental space. We overthink, we dwell on the past and worry about the future, we are consumed by our never-ending mental To-Do Lists, our careers and jobs, the various roles we play, and responsibilities we have. Because of all of this, as a population, we generally feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, unhappy and mentally cluttered. Meditation and The Mind Snug is the antidote to all of this.


What is Meditation?

  • Meditation is a mind and body practice that enables you to change your mental, emotional, energetic and physical state.

  • Meditation is about coming back to your breath and connecting within to yourself.

  • Meditation isn't just "me time" or a nice feeling, it's a powerful tool that can actually change your brain through a process called neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to rewire itself).

  • Meditation is a practice, a tool, a technique that everybody can use and benefit from.

  • Mindfulness plays a significant part in meditation. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, to allow yourself to be here in the present moment, and entirely focused on whatever it is that you are doing, feeling or being right now. 

  • Enhanced Happiness

  • Positive Mindset (Rewires the Brain Towards More Positive Thoughts) 

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved Memory

  • Feel Calm, Relaxed and Inner Peace

  • Deep Self-Connection & Internal Guidance

  • Gain Clarity

  • Increased Concentration 

  • Improved Focus and Attention

  • Present Moment Awareness

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Reduced Negative Emotions

  • Manage Challenging Emotions

  • Improved Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

  • Higher Energy Levels

  • Increased Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Generate Kindness

  • Enhanced Will Power and Motivation

  • Increased Patience and Tolerance

  • Increased Creativity and Imagination 

  • Reduced Reactivity

  • Lower Aggression & Negativity

  • Gain New Perspectives

  • Better Immunity

  • Regulated Nervous System

  • Slow Down Ageing of The Brain

  • Lower Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate

  • Pain Management

  • And so much more...

The Life Changing Benefits of Meditation

Meet your Meditation Teacher
and Founder of The Mind Snug:
Laura Pearson

Meditation has the power to change your life!

I know this, because I have experienced it personally.

I first started dabbling in meditation in 2015, back when I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out. I felt disconnected from myself and was questioning almost everything in my life. I've experienced the misconceptions that most new meditators face; the feeling that you're "doing it wrong" and "can't quiet your thoughts".

Meditation gave me the space to slow down, to connect within, to make sense of my mind, and to find the answers within me.

And in my seven years of practice, Meditation has become my inner compass.

I can't quite imagine my day without meditation now. I meditate every morning and find that it helps me to start my day in the most intentional and positive way. I love falling asleep listening to Sleep Meditations and have never slept better since I started meditating!

As a Meditation Teacher, I'm here to show you that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to meditation. Everybody can meditate and benefit from having a meditation practice. I'm so passionate about helping people to find their own rhythm with meditation and fit it into their lives, regardless of how busy their lifestyle is or what they have going on.

Meditation is a tool, a practice, a daily commitment that you will keep coming back to again and again. Meditation isn't just something you use when sh*t hits the fan, it prevents things from reaching that point and more importantly, it helps you to be your optimum self and live your best life in the meantime.



What is The Mind Snug?

The Mind Snug makes meditation an accessible, empowering, daily practice, that is easy to fit into your lifestyle, regardless of how busy you are. This Meditation Membership will empower and support you to create your own daily meditation practice, through listening to whichever meditation you are drawn to each day. With lots of options to choose from, The Mind Snug will make your meditation practice something that you look forward to, rather than something you want to tick off the list.

Inside The Mind Snug, you will find meditations that last from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. There are lots of bitesize meditations that you can fit easily into your day, and longer ones for when you have more time to explore and dedicate to your practice.

You can meditate on anything, and the meditations within this membership will show you just that. With immediate access to 44 meditations, there is a beautiful balance of real life, practical, abstract and spiritual topics. You'll find everything from "Switching Off From Work", to "Wash Away Your Worries", to "Stepping Into Your Most Confident Self", to "Shift Your Energy". There are Morning Meditations to help you start your day in the best way and Sleep Meditations to help you relax, unwind and  "Declutter Your Mind For Sleep". With topics such as Focus, Anxiety Relief, Relaxation, Mindset, Self-Love and Gratitude, you are sure to find something that resonates with you every single day.

You'll experience a range of different types of meditations, meditative techniques and practices, including Mindfulness Meditations, Mantra Meditations, Visualisations, Body Scan and Body Based Practices, Energy Healing, and various Breathing and Breathwork techniques. 

Using simple and effective techniques, through The Mind Snug, I will teach you how to access your inner calm, come back to the present moment and find the answers within you. You will learn how to transform your state of mind, how you feel, and how you go about your day, and feel empowered to draw on these tools whenever you need them!

Who is The Mind Snug for?

The Mind Snug is for everyone. For people who are completely new to meditation. For people who have tried or have dabbled in meditation before. For experienced meditators who want to deepen their practice, refresh or change it up. For people who think they can't meditate. For people who think they are too busy to meditate. For people who have always wanted to meditate but haven't got around to it or found a way to integrate it into their life yet. For people who a meditation-curious and want to give it a go. It is for all people of all ages and stages of life, with whatever label or category you relate to, because meditation is for everyone.

What's included in The Mind Snug?

For less than an average person's daily dose of caffeine (for approximately £1.22 a day!), The Mind Snug includes:

  1. Immediate access to 44 Audio Meditations

  2. 8 Helpful Videos including:

    • Welcome & Introduction to The Membership 

    • What is Meditation? 

    • How To Fit Meditation Into Your Day

    • Getting Started, Seating Positions & Setting Up for Your Practice

  3. Meditation Practice Tracker (Downloadable)

  4. Meditation Checklist (Downloadable)

  5. Access to a Private Members Only Facebook Group (for community, to connect with other people inside The Membership and get and weekly support rom Laura)

  6. Access to a live Group Meditation/Q&A Session every month

  7. Plus, access to any other material and meditations that become a part of The Mind Snug Membership in the future!

  • The Mind Snug

    Every month
    Monthly Meditation Membership
    • Access to 44 Audio Meditations created by Laura
    • Meditation Checklist (PDF Download)
    • Meditation Practice Tracker (PDF Download)
    • Welcome & Introduction to The Membership Video
    • What Do You Need to Meditate Video
    • How To Track Your Practice Video
    • Getting Started & Setting Up for Your Practice Video
    • Access to a Private Members Only Facebook Group
    • Access to any new content that Laura adds into The Mind Snug
    • Access to 1 Live Group Meditation/Q&A every month

Read the Full Terms and Conditions before purchasing at

What makes The Mind Snug different?

  • The Mind Snug is cosy and intimate. All of the meditations inside are intentionally created with love, intention and with you in mind, by me - Laura. 

  • This is not a faceless App, (whilst I love them, have used them and believe that they have their place), The Mind Snug offers a different approach to Meditation, as well as a community that you can engage with (in a Private Members Only Facebook Group), and support from Laura, who dips into the group on a weekly basis to celebrate your Meditation Practice and milestones, as well as offer support and answer any questions.

  • I've found that most voices in the Meditation space, especially in the UK, are not like mine. There's no hiding this Northern accent! My clients are always commenting on how soothing, welcoming and friendly my voice is.

  • Coming from a corporate background, working in a graduate job for 70+ hours a week, and spending 5 years commuting to Manchester by train, I understand the challenges of having a busy schedule and lifestyle and the struggle to find space or make space for you. The Mind Snug has been created with this in mind, with you in mind, and includes meditations which last from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, including lots of short ones to help you fit them into your day (whether that's on your toilet break, lunch break, morning race to get ready, or even on your commute). With topics such as "Morning Motivation", "Outer Chaos to Inner Calm", and "Switching Off From Work", The Mind Snug has your back.

If you have any questions, email


I can't wait to welcome you inside of The Mind Snug!


Laura x

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