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Legal Policy

The information, views and opinions expressed on Laura Pearson’s website (, social media, offerings, resources, products, services and courses are solely those of Laura Pearson. Any additional individuals involved will be explicitly stated.

Laura Pearson’s website (, offerings, resources, products, services and courses are for personal use only. You must not share, edit, modify, or redistribute any of the content without explicit permission from Laura Pearson herself. You can contact Laura by emailing

The primary purpose of Laura Pearson’s services, including her website (, offerings, resources, products, courses and social media is to empower and inspire people in their own self-development journeys. In no way does any of her content constitute or act as medical or professional advice or guidance.

Laura Pearson assumes no liability or responsibility for any actions or decisions taken as a result of engaging with any of her services, including but not limited to her website (, offerings, resources, products, courses, coaching programmes, organising and decluttering services, and social media or any other associated service or product. Full responsibility remains with you, the individual.

All information and services are reflective of information available and factors at the time of publication, therefore they are subject to change and/or may be revised at any time without prior notice. As such, Laura Pearson and her associated services, offerings, resources, products and courses cannot be held responsible.

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