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Intentional Lifestyle Coach • Meditation Teacher • Declutterer & Organiser  Minimalist • Writer

I created Intentional with Laura to help people to find their inner calm, become deeply self-connected, focus on what truly matters, and ultimately, live their own version of an intentional life. 

I do this by focusing on three pillars: life, mind and space.

Get support with my 1:1 Coaching, Online Courses, Meditation Classes, Decluttering Services, and free resources. 

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You can read about my journey here.

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6 Days of Self Connection will support you to declutter your mind, find your calm, deepen your self-connection, prioritise you-time and self-care, become more mindful and kind towards yourself, and reset your mind and energy.


Join 6 Live Group Sessions as you are guided through a variety of transformative self-connection practices in a relaxed, guided online space.

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Intentional is my Signature 1:1 Coaching Programme that supports you to declutter your mind and life, gain clarity about what you want, transform your mindset, become self-connected, and take inspired action, so you can create, live and and love your own version of an intentional life. 

Go from feeling disconnected, burnt out, stressed, stuck, and lost, to feeling calm, clear, self-connected, motivated, loving towards yourself and excited about your life.

Declutter, organise and simplify your space (home or business) with virtual or in-person support. With packages to suit all budgets, I help you to confidently let go of clutter and organise in ways that works for you, with my calming, non-judgmental approach. 

Book me for your guest speaker talk, inspirational workshop, podcast feature, radio show, training day, membership, magazine article or anything else where I can share the power of living intentionally and simplifying your space.



I highly recommend working with Laura! She is an excellent coach and brings such a kind, grounding energy to a situation that has a lot of potential to be overbearing and stressful. I enlisted Laura to support me as I am moving from the UK to go travelling, first stop New Zealand. Having already downsized significantly in preparation for the move I wanted support with the physical and emotional decluttering and downsizing of all my possessions into my 25kg suitcase!  Laura was just amazing, using powerful visualisation and questioning she helped me confidently reduce and organise everything for gifting or sending to charity. It was such as gentle and methodical process whilst navigating the emotional attachment and identity connection I had to some cherished items that no longer served their purpose. All of this was done virtually too! I am currently writing this on the way to Heathrow and her support really helped me downsize in an empowering way. Working with Laura is essential if you are making any power moves in your life such as decluttering, relocating or traveling. Thank you Laura!