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Hi, I'm Laura

I'm not your typical "Life Coach"...

Meditation Teacher + Sound Practitioner
Intentional Life, Self Care
 + Simplicity Coach 
Reiki Practitioner
Speaker + Wo
rkshop Facilitator 

Based Online and in Preston, Lancashire (UK), I offer Coaching, Meditation, Sound Baths, Reiki, Courses and Events. My intention is to help you to slow down and relax, practice soulful self care, simplify your life, connect with your inner calm, gain clarity, find balance, and ultimately, live your version of an intentional life.

Will you take an intentional step?

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Enjoy 31 sustainable, soothing, self-connecting practices that will help you to upgrade your self care and your life. This resource provides a helpful introduction to meditation, mindful living and the power of self development and coaching. 

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Working with Laura was just so nice. She created a safe and grounding space that allowed me to just be in the moment. 
The sessions were exploring a variety of topics but it all came back to the main goal: How can I be me and create simplicity in my life and feel empowered in a graceful and quite way. She allowed me to honour my desire for a more simple, yet intentional life and guided me to learn to own it! I believe it is so valuable to find the right coach at the right time and for me, Laura was just my kind of girl! Going through a lot of changes and navigating stress, high emotions, and doubt, she gave me the space to relax and to be aware of what really matters to me, and stop the noise of others and the pressure of obligations. A real pleasure and honour to have been in her magical energy and kindness. I just adore her. Laura is an incredibly gifted Coach! I am an ICF PCC Certified Coach with over 10 years of coaching experience. I can truly say she is amazing and her coaching comes from the heart. It is truly a beautiful experience to be coached by her. 



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