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Take the leap and 3 ways that you can be more intentional today

The last week has been all about taking new leaps. It's been about jumping from tree-tops and flying through forests on zip-wires (scroll to the bottom of this blog for video evidence!). It's been about starting new projects. It's been about taking action. It's been about expanding horizons. It's been about stretching comfort zones. It's been about giving my next year around the sun (it was my birthday last week) the best possible start.

And something in my heart today said "Laura, start writing a blog". So here it goes...

My mission

If you're familiar with my work, my mission is all about helping people to create and live their own version of an intentional life. I do this through my coaching programmes, meditation downloads and classes, and decluttering and organising services. With every single thing that I do in my business, from the free masterclasses that I host, to the magazine articles that I write, and every service that I deliver, empowering people to be more intentional (and joyful, calm and uncluttered) remains at the heart.

And I truly believe that living an intentional life is possible for every single person on the planet. Living intentionally is about living in alignment with what is important to you. Living intentionally is about being crystal clear about your values, priorities and goals. Living intentionally is about becoming and being deeply self-connected. Living intentionally is about simplifying your life and only filling it with things that feel joyful, purposeful and meaningful. The beauty of it all is that living intentionally looks, feels and is entirely unique to each of us. You can find out more about what being intentional means to me here.

3 ways that you can be more intentional today

  1. Reflect on your values Without being clear on your values, it's hard to know where to start when it comes to creating your version of an intentional life. Strip away the noise of social media, other people's opinions, "shoulds", and any limiting beliefs that are making you think that you "can't do it" or "don't deserve it". Instead, tune inwards and reflect on these journaling prompts. Ask yourself: "What is important to me?" "What lights me up or makes me feel good?" "What are my priorities?" "Where do I feel that I am my true, most authentic self?"

  2. Make you-time non-negotiable Everything starts with you. When you're feeling over-tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, burnt out, or too busy to make time for you, you are as far away from being intentional as possible. When I first started my own journey to becoming more intentional and living intentionally, I gained so much clarity, calm and joy from carving out me-time and treating it as a daily non-negotiable. I experimented with all kinds of self-care and self connection practices before I found a morning routine that works for me (I'll tell you all about that another day). But if you're struggling to make time for you, start small. Even just ten minutes a day makes all the difference.

  3. Sign up for 6 Days of Self Connection Self connection is a huge part of being and living intentionally. Without being self connected and in touch with your inner compass, it's hard to create and live your own version of an intentional life. 6 Days of Self Connection is my online group coaching programme that will support you to deepen your self-connection, connect within to your intuition and true self, prioritise you-time and self-care, become more mindful and kind towards yourself, and reset your mind and energy. I'll be guiding you through healing, transformative and powerful self connection practices including meditation, journaling and visualisation. It's a great way to start your journey to becoming, being and living intentionally. There's already a wonderful group of people signed up! We start on Monday 25th April. You can join us here.

Anything is possible and you are so worthy of creating and living an intentional life that feels good to you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I'd love to know your key takeaways, and if I can help you on your intentional journey, just get in touch.

Have a beautiful intentional day.

Love, Laura

Intentional Life Coach Meditation Teacher Professional Declutterer & Organiser @intentionalwithlaura


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