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Decluttering and Organising
for your physical space

declutter, organise & simplify 


Many people want to declutter, organise and simplify their space, but tackling this alone can be challenging. I'm here to help. 

I offer virtual and at home services to help you create a space that works for you. I help you to confidently let go of clutter and organise in simple, practical and effective ways, so that you can maintain it. I like using what you already have where possible and can help you to choose storage solutions, should you want to buy new ones. 

I can help you to transform any space in your property or business. Wardrobes, living spaces, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, garages and everything in between.

People choose to declutter and organise for a variety of reasons:

- To feel calmer, lighter, happier and free 

- To become more organised and spend less time sorting their stuff

- To prepare for a house move or to settle into a new home

- To downsize in preparation to go travelling or change living arrangements 

- To prepare for a lifestyle change, new chapter or shift in identity
- To practice a more minimal lifestyle

My clients are people from all walks of life; busy people, career professionals, business owners, new home owners, students, retirees, and anybody who wants to create a less cluttered, more organised, simplified space.

I'm based Lancashire, in the North West of England and travel UK wide. I can also support you virtually, over Zoom or similar.

Your Consultation Call is completely free and no obligation. 

Click here to enquire and arrange your Consultation Call.


Monica before and after 2.PNG
These photos are from an ongoing transformation with a client.
The "After" is the result of just 3 hours of an in person session.



I highly recommend working with Laura! She is an excellent coach and brings such a kind, grounding energy to a situation that has a lot of potential to be overbearing and stressful. I enlisted Laura to support me as I am moving from the UK to go travelling, first stop New Zealand. Having already downsized significantly in preparation for the move I wanted support with the physical and emotional decluttering and downsizing of all my possessions into my 25kg suitcase!  Laura was just amazing, using powerful visualisation and questioning she helped me confidently reduce and organise everything for gifting or sending to charity. It was such as gentle and methodical process whilst navigating the emotional attachment and identity connection I had to some cherished items that no longer served their purpose. All of this was done virtually too! I am currently writing this on the way to Heathrow and her support really helped me downsize in an empowering way. Working with Laura is essential if you are making any power moves in your life such as decluttering, relocating or traveling. Thank you Laura!


Virtual Decluttering & Organising COACHING Programmes

Be coached virtually by Laura, as you get clear on your vision and the goals you have for your space. You'll be guided through the process of decluttering, organising and simplifying your space and supported to take action during the session. If you opt for a longer term Programme, you'll be given personalised guidance and activities to help you continue to take action on your own in between sessions. 

1 x 60 minute session - £55

1 x 60 minute session and 1 week of voice note/messaging coaching support (via Voxer) - £155


4 x 60 minute sessions - £200

4 x 60 minute sessions and 4 weeks of voice note/messaging coaching support (via Voxer) - £350

Other tailored programmes can be created to suit your needs.

In-Person Space Transformations

Laura will travel to your home or business space to support you in person to declutter, organise and simplify your space. She'll personally coach you through the process and physically help you, with her practical, hands on approach.

Mini Session (2 Hours) £80  

Half Day (3 hours) £120

Full Day (6 hours) £250

Available UK wide 

Mileage payable for journeys over 20 miles

You can add on 1 week of voice note/messaging coaching support (via Voxer) for £100.

Get in touch to enquire about bulk or regular bookings.

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